Reviews on Kenmore 77060
“Easy to install. Keeps room cold and is not noisy like one of the other reviews stated. We turn it on low and it still cools very well. Best of all you can barely hear the compressor turn on. We like to sleep in a very cold room. We turn the central up to 72 at night and the window unit to 64. Will be a big money saver.”

“Had unit for several years. It cools very well. The unit is stored over winter and still works great. The effect on our power bill has been minimum.”

Where to find Air Purifiers
There are many places to find Air Purifiers, these places are a target, home depot, BestBuy, and much more. You can also just order online in the comfort of your home.

Indoor air quality is very important and should always be improved for better health. Having air purifiers can change your health for the better and should be a need for people with allergies and asthmatics. Due to the pollution from the using fossil fuel the air quality droped and having clean air at home can really help your health.