What to Look for In an Air Purifier?
Many air purifier can be awfully expensive and do not work well for its price. Make sure to understand the difference between a good air purifier between a bad. Most air purifiers are fans with dust filter, try to stay away from that and look for more. THe better air purifiers filter smoke, pollen, paints, volatile organic compounds, viruses, bacteria, and cleaning products. The three main parts must be suitable and work properly. These filters are pro-filter, electrostatic precipitator, and the carbon filter. Make sure that this parts are high quality and can get the job done.

The Best Air Purifier in the Market
The best air purifier is the “Rabbit Air MinusA2, this is the best due to the available features. It includes a pre-filter to catch any large particles and has a longer duration than other filters. Also, includes a medium filter which captures large allergen and dust particles. Another filter called “BioGS HEPA Filter” has a longer life that traps the smallest of dust, pollen, and mold particles. The air purifier has a carbon filter that gets rid of any odors. You also have the option to create an extra filter to have a stronger defense and absorb more toxins.

Reviews on the Rabbit Air MinusA2
“Every house needs this. If I could, I would take this to hotels when traveling. Helps a ton with my asthma abs allergies.”
“Bought this for work – even though air tested “ok” every morning when we turn the air filter on it takes maybe 5 minutes for the air quality light to turn completely blue. We can all notice a freshness in the air – love this filter! Not silent but the fan noise is minor. Notification, when filters need to be changed, is a plus!”
“Love it! My family just moved into a new house and had hardwood floors installed and lacquered. Took the odor away in a few days!”